1. Classic Haunted House: Blood Manor’s extravagant setup is perfect for the participant who wants an enjoyably terrifying experience. Bring a group of friends to explore the dozens of intricately designed rooms and corridors—they’ll help to laugh off the tension when a demented clown corners you with a chainsaw. The special effects and makeup are top-tier, and the neon-infused 3-D room not-to-be-missed. All in all, Blood Manor is the ideal compromise between eerie and entertaining. Snag $25 tickets hereBlood Manor, 163 Varick St. (between Vandam and Charlton sts.) 212-290-2825

2. Hardcore Horror: Safety. It’s the word you’ll want to keep in mind if you are brazen, audacious or just plain crazy enough to enter Blackout’s extreme take on the haunted house. You see, safety’s the only word that will get you out of this depraved nightmare that imperceptibly blurs the line between fiction and reality to an unsettling degree. To experience Blackout—the one location we refused to walk through—you have to be willing to enter solo donning a protective mask; navigate through pitch-black darkness, at times on your knees; be handled by the actors; and comply with the demands of numerous sadistically psychopathic characters (and, did we mention, let them put something in your mouth?). Most who think they’re up to the challenge end up screaming “safety” within the first five minutes, and the only “survivors” of Blackout are a select few. If you’re willing to suffer some serious scars on your psyche to join the pack, grab $45 tickets hereBlackout Haunted House, 54 W. 39th St. (between Fifth and Sixth aves.). 718-522-7171 ext. 34

3. Coney Island Creeps: Coney Island has upped their Halloween ante this year, extending their season through the end of October. Luna Park’s Nights of Horror will operate during weekends and features haunted mazes, creepy mascots and the like, culminating in the all-out extravaganza Freaks Night Out on Halloween evening.  Across the way at the Gift Shop, you can check out Creepshow at the Freakshow—The Ride Inspector’s Nightmare. Less of a haunted house and more of an interactive show, the feature blends dark humor with a bit of horror. There’s no need to fear attending this show if you’re of timid disposition. Aside from a few pop-outs, the scares are minimal, and you’ll leave the 15-minute show unscathed. Despite their $5 discount for children, vulgar language and sexual content make this event PG-13. $10 tickets can be purchased at the venue. Creepshow at the Freakshow, 1208 Surf Ave. (between Stillwell Ave. and W. 12th St.) 718-372-5159

4. For the Art Aficionado: Third Rail Projects’ third Steampunk installment, Through the Looking Glass, is a sci-fi nerd’s twisted dream come true.  More of a spectral art piece incarnated than a traditional boo-and-ah haunted house, the installment implements steampunk (a sub-genre of science fiction featuring a futuristic neo-Victorian-era Britain) stylings and interactivity between actors and participants. Attendants looking for scares will be sorely disappointed, but those going for the lush visuals inspired by Lewis Carrol’s surreal tale will be dazzled by the detailing. The venue opens at Abrons Arts Center on October 22. Buy $25 tickets hereAbrons Arts Center, 466 Grand St. (at Pitt St.) 212-598-0400

5. Nightmare With a Narrative: Creator and Co-Director Timothy Haskell has truly expanded the conceptual direction of the traditional—but far from conventional—haunted house. Each year, his fans eagerly await the announcement of the season’s theme. 2011’s Nightmare brings Fairy Tales, a creepy rendition of the Brothers Grimm and others’ already-gruesome children’s stories. Haskell’s history in show business shows through in the meticulous details and stylistic settings. $30 ticketshereCSV Center, 107 Suffolk St. (between Rivington and Delancey sts.) 718-866-8457

6. Undead Takeover: If you’re in the Bronx, check out Nightmare’s equally awesome and horrific Pelham Bay counterpart. In Nightmare: Z-Day, the zombie apocalypse has begun, and you’re one of the few remaining survivors…for now. $15-$40 tickets here.Nightmare: Z-Day, 1157 Commerce Ave. 212-575-0263

7. Mannequin Macabre: As though wax people weren’t freaky enough, at the end of the month, Times Square’s landmark Madame Tussauds morphs into After Dark: The Haunting.  Traverse the darkened hallways while screams echo in the background. Although the entire feature sounds nail-bitingly nerve racking, the scariest part would be getting stuck in the dark with Lady Gaga’s wax figure *shudder*. $23.95 ticketshereMadame Tussauds New York, 243 W. 42nd St. (between Seventh and Eighth aves.) 866-841-3505

8. House of Horrors: Hey, Long Island, you can get in on the haunted house action too. In fact, city-dwellers are missing out on the authenticity of Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse of Horrors. The feature takes place in a 100-year-old estate. The aged interiors, creaking floorboards, and chipping paint enhance the spooky, supernatural experience. The ghost story—a pretty original one—unfolds before you whether you want it to continue or not. To get your phantasmal kicks, grab $20 tickets here.Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse of Horror, 215 S. Country Rd., Bellport. 631-286-1133 [The Feast]