2 Responses to “Howard Stern’s Private Nudes of Wife Beth”

  1. jim lange says:

    2 attention starved whores. Howard wants people to see what he bought and to tell him he is a lucky guy. she is just a tramp who wants attention

  2. I'm That Guy says:


    I’d have to agree with you 100% on that. He was always an egomaniac but had content worthy of listening to back in the K-Rock days.

    As cliche as it sounds . . . his ego just got to serious after going to Sirius, I suppose 400 mil can do that to a person.

    As far as Beth goes, Other than being a B-list model, B-List actress and known fame whore, I’m not really sure what she’s done worthwhile? Oh wait she is the spokesperson for the North Shore Animal League. That makes her bearable. Yeah right.

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