By Juliana Rodriguez

I don’t venture into Brooklyn often, but when I do it is worthwhile. Corner Burger is one of the few places in NYC where you can get poutine, the Canadian version of loaded fries with cheese curds and gravy. I had a filling of poutine last month at “Pommes Frites” so I decided to pass today. They even have poutine with extra add-ons such as pulled pork, mushrooms, goat cheese, etc and a dessert poutine.

Great colorful burger and beer joint on a corner, very quaint and small inside with a cool Brooklyn vibe.  One friendly waitress and one bartender in the back bringing up the orders. We had a window seat, great spot to watch all the 5th Avenue foot traffic on a beautiful summer day in the city. The service was excellent and prompt.

I am a burger purist, I use 80/20 beef for the perfect lean to fat ratio with salt and pepper (sometimes I’ll add onion and garlic or cheese if I am feeling frisky). This burger was the most seasoned burger I have ever tasted.  You could really taste the generous sprinkle of salt and other magical spices in this beef.  This was new to me and I enjoyed the explosion of flavor in every bite. The burgers are cooked medium to retain the most juiciness and flavor.  You can select beef, turkey or veggie.

Toppings & Bun
They offer a plethora of toppings to make your ideal burger or you can choose from one of their delicious concoctions such as the Greek Burger, Park Slope Burger, Soprano Burger and the Soul Burger. I opted for sauteed onions, chedder cheese and chipotle mayo.  I also influenced my partner to get the fried egg on top because I love the oozing yellow over the juicy beef.

The bun was a classic sesame seed top vessel, perfect for absorbing the juice and condiment decision, although the bun itself can get overshadowed.  Not only do they have different cheeses and veggies; they have a variety of different sauces including a Chipotle Mayo, BBQ, Wasabi Mayo, Pesto Mayo, and Roasted Garlic Mayo that add to the intense levels of flavor inside the bun.

They have all the fries of the rainbow. Anything to satisfy your fried craving from sweet potato fries, curly fries, waffle fries, onion rings, zucchini sticks and fried pickles! If you don’t want the Canadian specialty poutine I mentioned earlier, you can opt for any fried goodness and be satisfied.

If you are looking for an affordable place for great burgers, fries and a beer with the coolest Brooklyn vibe, Corner Burger is a must! You can’t go wrong with the meat/toppings/side options. You can definitely craft your perfect burger and side combination that come in very hefty portions.  There is something for everyone.

4 out of 5 Dirty Apples

Corner Burger
381 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215