As food trucks continue to pop up left and right, two major newcomers are ditching motors in favor of carts and setting up shop in Central Park, reportsDiner’s Journal. Yesterday,Rouge Tomate, an upscale health-focused restaurant on the Upper East Side, took its first mobile effort for a test drive, distributing grab-and-go options like chilled white gazpacho, grilled cheese, and a BLT. The cart will make its true debut next week alongside Pullcart, the latest concept from the folks behind the Fatty Crew family of restaurants (Fatty CrabFatty ‘Cue), who already have aquick-service kiosk in Battery Park. In addition to the already established Fatty Dog, the cart will sling newly-minted items like a pulled pork sandwich and chicharrones. If you happen to venture over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, do note that Sigmund Pretzel Shop is still hawking its pretzel dogs. [NYT/Diner’s Journal]