Where do you go to find dates who remember the Nixon years?

“The Carnegie Club (156 W 56th St between Sixth and Seventh Aves, 212-957-9676) is a nice place to have a brandy and a cigar, and if women are looking to meet men, there are plenty there, all over 40. I bring clients there for a nightcap after dinner.”—Patti Travers, 55, sales recruiter; Park Slope, Brooklyn

“Gay bar Boots and Saddle (76 Christopher St between Seventh Ave South and Bleecker St; 212-633-1986, bootsnsaddle.com) is quaint, and feels like a neighborhood bar. It’s a beer-and-shots joint. The average age of people there is between 45 and 50 years old.”—Bill Murray, 57, editor, New Jersey

“I like Bar Six (502 Sixth Ave between 12th and 13th Sts; 212-691-1363, barsixny.com) a lot—the ambience, the lighting. I saw Susan Sarandon there once. It’s quiet and loud at the same time. I can’t explain it.”—Ayisha Bodis, 39, hairdresser; Elmhurst, Queens

“I go to Dutch Kills (27-24 Jackson Ave between Dutchkills and Queens Sts, Long Island City, Queens; 718-383-2724, dutchkillsbar.com). I like that it’s a cocktail place, and bespoke cocktails at that. Don’t go for a gin and tonic. Earlier in the night, there’s a wider age group. ’Cause I’m older, I’m going out to bars at five o’clock.”—Mark Sanders, 38; professor, Astoria, Queens

“Lavo (39 E 58th St between Madison and Park Aves; 212-750-5588, lavony.com) is a new place for VIP-types. It’s near the Four Seasons, so a lot of businesspeople go there for lunch and meetings.”—Massimiliano De Moja, 43, restaurant investor, midtown

“The crowd at Le Singe Vert (160 Seventh Ave at 20th St; 212-366-4100, lesingevert.com) tends to be older, like 30 and up. Not many people in their twenties go there. They have a bar you can eat at and a very friendly staff. I can sit down and always end up having a conversation with someone.”—Nancy N., 57, Chelsea, social worker

“The 92nd Street Y (1395 Lexington Ave between 91st and 92nd Sts; 212-415-5500, 92y.org) has different events for people of all different interests, so you can pick and choose your events and meet people with similar likings.”—Barry W., 60, business executive, Union Square

“Café Science (alumni.columbia.edu) hosts a series of lectures that are fun and fabulous. You expect to meet someone fun and interesting there, someone with a brain.”—Nikki Welbourne, 58, Midtown West, performer

“Characters (243 W 54th St between Broadway and Eighth Ave; 917-472-7040, charactersnyc.com) is a typical New York old bar. It’s not a scene; it’s Irish pub-ish. On the walls are pictures of the Marx Brothers and Lucille Ball, and it gives you a great feeling. The people are warm and the owner comes out sometimes; he’s great. It’s perfect for people over 40.”—Deena Imbriglia, 56, Midtown West, sales and marketing manager

“There are always a lot of people at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd St; 212-535-7710, metmuseum.org). If people are interested in the arts and history, there’s just so much there it would be easy to get into a conversation. Maybe more people over 40 go there because they’re more prone to enjoy that kind of art and culture.”—Marnee Hollis, 50+, Chelsea, actress

“Plunge at Hotel Gansevoort (18 Ninth Ave at 13th St; 212-206-6700, hotelgansevoort.com) is really high-end. You have to have made your money to afford a drink there.”—Rachel Marin, 55, Long Island, pharmacist

“Read a newspaper at 10:30pm at the garden bar in De Santos (139 W 10th St between Greenwich Ave and Waverly Pl; 212-206-9229, desantos.com.mx). Sitting there reading The New York Times after a long day would be a good way to meet someone.”—Katherine T., 53, West Village, screenwriter

“Not too many young people go to Caliente Cab (488 Third Ave at 33rd St; 212-685-3828, calientecab.com). The margaritas are great, the guacamole’s fresh, and the bar area is pretty crowded on Fridays. Most of the time the people there are 35 and older.”—Marco Tudela, 50; pattern maker;Woodside, Queens

“One of my favorite restaurants is Casaville (633 Second Ave between 34th and 35th Sts; 212-685-8558, casavillenyc.com). They get all ages and it’s very homey. And the price is the best deal in the city. Anything with chicken is worth trying.”—DV Hirsch, 53, warehouse manager, Gramercy

“My husband is over 40 and I hang out with him and his friends a lot; we usually go to Buttermilk Bar (577 Fifth Ave at 16th St, Park Slope, Brooklyn; 718-788-6297). There’s no sign on the front, it’s not trendy, there are no hipsters. It’s just locals and there aren’t very many twentysomethings there.”—Pamela Esposito, 32; artist representative; Park Slope, Brooklyn

“People just walk up to each other and talk to anybody at the farmer’s market in Union Square (E 17th St at Broadway, grownyc.org/greenmarket).”—Alissa Dien, 35; lawyer; Forest Hills, Queens

“BAMcafé (30 Lafayette Ave between Ashland Pl and St. Felix St, Fort Greene, Brooklyn; 718-636-4100; bam.org) on Friday nights has live music.”—Rachel T., 44; editor; Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

“I would go to Union Bar (204 Park Ave South between 17th and 18th Sts; 212-674-2105, union-bar.com) if I were looking to meet ladies. Every time I go in there it seems like there are nice ladies there.”—John D., 42, property manager, East Village

“Go to Tibet House (22 W 15th St between Fifth and Sixth Aves; 212-807-0563, tibethouse.us). It’s a kind of meditation center. You’d meet other people like you, so it would narrow your search. It’s got a very relaxed vibe and people there are very open.”—Cindy Beams, 61, educator, Upper East Side

“Don Pedro’s (1865 Second Ave between 96th and 97th Sts; 212-996-3274, donpedros.net) on the Upper East Side. That’s where I met my wife 25 years ago.”—David Lewis, 49, filmmaker; Riverdale, Bronx

“Stone Street has a lot of great restaurants, and during the summer it’s set up like a beer garden with picnic tables outside. Now that it’s winter, though, people are inside more. For food, the pizza at Adrienne’s Pizzabar (54 Stone St between Broad St and Hanover Sq; 212-248-3838, adriennespizzabar.com) is insane.”—Valerie Perez, 43, attorney, New Jersey

“Bemelmans Bar (35 E 76th St at Madison Ave; 212-744-1600, thecarlyle.com) is a really nice place. It’s got an older crowd; people are sophisticated and well dressed. But it’s not inexpensive.”—Jacqueline Young, 63, medical assistant, Murray Hill

“The High Line (Gansevoort St to 20th St between Tenth and Eleventh Aves; 212-500-6035, thehighline.org) has life and style and texture. It’s a very surreal scene of the city. People who go there probably have something in common.”—Mladen Marici, 43, artist, Upper East Side

“Bar Pleiades at the Surrey Hotel (20 E 76th St between Fifth and Madison Aves, 212-288-3700, thesurrey.com) has a sophisticated vibe and tables for conversation. They make a perfect Ketel One martini.”—Diane Silberstein, 40+, advertising manager, Upper East Side

“Mimi’s Restaurant (984 Second Ave between 52nd and 53rd Sts; 212-688-4692) has people of all ages. It’s a piano bar and it’s very friendly. Some people get up and sing.”—Maureen Meany, 66, executive assistant, Gramercy

Time Out, Kyle McGovern