By St. Sweeper

The throat guy commercial is officially back on air as of this week.  It's being shown almost every half hour on WNBC channel 4 during the evening. Close to three years ago we all had the pleasure of being absolutely disgusted by the Quit Smoking commercial which debuted Rolando Martinez showing off the hole in his neck which he got as a result from smoking and getting throat cancer.

The New York State Smokers Quit Line decided this was a choice commercial to get a very important message across to NYers.  That message being, "We're not only going to help take away your liberties of being able to smoke in bars but we're also going to make you vomit in the comfort of your own living room from our horrifying commercials."

This commercial is not only hilarious, it cannot for one second be taken seriously.  Perhaps this makes me a sick individual, but seeing a guy talk out of a hole in his throat along with hearing a thick, robotic, Puerto Rican voice just does it for me in so many ways. I suppose there's some guilt there but I'm still getting my suppressive jollies on.  

After watching all these Quit Smoking and Truth commercials, one thing has become evidently clear . . . "Nothing will ever be the sang agang."