By St. Sweeper

Introducing the Smart line of automobiles. Specifically, the Smart Fortwo Pure. An eco-friendly line of cars brought to us by high-end auto manufacturer Mercedes Benz.  

Where do we even begin with this?  There are so many underlying issues behind this one picture it hurts my brain to think about.

We obviously have the poor economy issue with the unemployment rate at a ridiculous 6.1%.  There's the lack of oil/gasoline issue hanging out there with our dirty politicians. The environment issue with all the tree hugging assholes worried about carbon emissions and holes in the ozone layer . . . blah blah blah. I can even say there's the American pride issue where Detroit seems to blindly neglect the other countries, whom they allow to take the lion's share of the market and outsell our own manufacturer's, ahem! Japan (Honda/Nissan/Toyota), Korea (Kia/Hyundai), Germany (Mercedes/BMW/Audi).

All of these are more than feasible reasons to get "Smart" or downgrade to something smaller or cheaper. Sure 33 mpg City, 44 mpg Highway sounds real enticing right about now but at what cost?  $12,000?!  Not to mention add-ons than first month's payment, tax, title and license all bringing you to $15-16K.  

The price you're really paying is all in the picture.  It's the price of looking like a douche bag!  No ifs, ands or buts about it.  How about showing some American pride or just self pride for that matter.  If you're so concerned about the environment walk or take a bus or ride a bike but spare your dignity and self respect and don't be caught driving a life size Micro Machine, the look alone is inhumane.

What I'm really trying to say is that looking douchey shouldn't come at such a high cost and there are much better things to spend $16K on . . . like supporting the American workforce and economy and buying a Dodge Charger with a Hemi V8.