By Ray Kartell

So, we’ve been highlighting some
of the more favorable eateries around the city and I was hoping to add Marisco
Centro to that list. But my friends, that is NOT going to happen!

Marisco Centro will be filed under
our soon to come "Where Not to Eat" section. The first time I
ate at "Mariscos" (as it is affectionately know by the locals) I ordered
the ceviche . . . fuck!  It was bad.  I sent that shit back! It was
extremely fishy and not tasty at all. Lets face it, the only way you can mess
up ceviche is if you add to much or too little lemon or if the fish is just bad to begin with. Well
they made some other shit and called it ceviche!  They should have called
it anchovies and stink ass!

As you walk through the doors into a dining area that resembles Mr. and Mrs.
Howell’s  tiki hut
, you think, hmmm this cant be that bad.  Think
again! No quality seafood from this place. I asked a co-worker, “So what do you
always get?” She said the chicken. Holy shit chicken from the seafood spot. Incredible! 
The seafood soup was not impressive at all, in fact if you go north on
 St. Nicholas Avenue you will find a Korean fish market that has better seafood
and its a 3rd of the price. Oh and the Korean lady speaks Spanish. Shit, she
better or she’ll be out of business.

Anyway, it's with deep regrets
that I must say sorry to my co-workers, the owner and anybody else who thinks this
is a good place to get their seafood on. Shit, Red Lobster is my least favorite
place for seafood and they beat this spot like Gannon beat Kimbo Slice. I’m out
to the Korean spot!