By Pepper

With it's high polished aluminum exterior, reminiscent of the old fashioned
diners, and it's attention grabbing street side seating, you can't miss it!
Not to mention that it's the only establishment on that street. What a
perfect name "La Esquina" or "The Corner".

I have passed La Esquina plenty of times on my trips to fulfill my sweet tooth cravings at Eileen's Cheesecake which is right across the corner. I was tempted to try

 the place since it looked so busy from the outside.  Yes, I am one of those. I’m fooled by the correlation, that the busier the restaurant the better it is. Although, not always true. But in a city where food rocks and rent prices are sky high, if the food isn't rocking than the establishment wouldn't be hopping.

Good eats it was! The corn on the cob was charred to perfection. The combination of butter, mayo and cotija cheese made for an incredible formula. I guess when you kick something up with mayo and dairy you really can't go wrong. And let's not forget the wedge of lime on the side. The lime cuts the richness of the mayo-cheese formula and adds freshness to the mix. Then, a sprinkle of chili powder (I think) and voilà! Perfection.  

I am a red meat fan so I only tried the steak tacos and steak salad. I'm glad I did! The meat for both items were seasoned the same. The steak taco came with traditional onions and cilantro. The onions were cooked, rather than raw. I prefer it this way since raw onions tend to get your breath kickin’ real quick and the flavor can be too strong. The doubled up white corn tortillas were soft not chewy. The steak was conveniently cut in small chunks. I’m not a fan of large steak pieces in tacos where every bite becomes a task. A small pet peeve of mine. Now the steak salad had all my favorite ingredients. Mango, arugula and jicima served with jalapeno vinaigrette. At first I was hesitant to try jalapeno vinaigrette anticipating it would be too spicy. Not at all. Somewhat sweet, with what I believe was an egg base which had subtle hints of jalapeno. The dressing complimented the freshness of all the other ingredients. I haven’t tried any of the other dishes but I’m sure the old saying “the apple doesn’t fall far . . .” applies to rest of the

One thing to note, we went on a nice warm summer afternoon so the place was
packed. We opted to order from the Taqueria menu vs. the sit down menu.
Therefore, some items may be different, nonetheless, just as good!

106 Kenmare Street
New york, NY  10012
(646) 613-7100