By Ray Kartell

It's me bitches! It's been awhile since I last shared my thoughts with you, been real busy . . . what the fuck!?  I realize there are some of you who actually enjoy my fucked up sense of humor.  So to those of you I say, thanks and lots of love and leave a fucking comment.  To the rest of you, what can I say, fuck you!

So the city is really busy today.  The president's in town and there goes my commute.  What's really driving me crazy is that we have visitors from outer space as well.  You know shit is fucked up when aliens are working. I mean, booking rooms at the Ramada.  They have traveled from the moon (yes there are aliens on the moon, haven't you heard of the man on the moon?) to march down 5th Avenue to protest and demand the incarceration of George Bush.  

Can you believe it?  ET, fucking aliens.  Not the ones from 'Border Crossing' who were selling oranges and flowers in The Heights.  These are genuine Moon Men. Right here is there actual space station built on the moon.  It's fuckin incredible!

We have a country who knows this asshole has fucked up everything, especially the fucking traffic today, and the best we could do was call in the interplanetary crisis intervention squad?  What's next, Darth Vader in office? Hmmm, Barrack/Vader can you see the resemblance?