By St. Sweeper

So this is NYC and there's no way of going around the fact that we have slang terms given to the various ethnic groups represented here in the local population.  Often times these slang terms are used to describe the lower class of a race and certainly not a race as a whole. They may be geared at the bad seeds or people who purposely stand out in a crowd to make themselves noticed for doing things that are less than complimenting to ones self, culture or heritage. 

Often times these terminologies are offensive, derogatory and demeaning yet we learn to deal with them ignorant or funny. Examples of these slang terms would be:
  • Spic – Derogatory for a Hispanic person
  • Heb – Derogatory for a Jewish person
  • Mc – Derogatory for an Irish person
  • Nigga – Derogatory for a Black person
  • Gook – Derogatory for an Asian person
  • Guido – Derogatory for an Italian person
The list goes on and on.  We'd love to post videos for each one of the derogatory names listed here, however, couldn't find anything quite as genuine.  So without further ado, we give you guido's saying "whoa" a whole lot.