By Ray Kartell

What the fuck? Is Chevy starting a partnership with Enzyte or one of those other male enhancement products out there? After all Chevy is the All-American truck. Built like a rock or some shit like that. 

Just like alot of proud Americans, we NYer’s are built like a rock, yet we live by the cock. Yep, yes sir not by the sword but by the cock.  As a native NYer and as a lot of other native NYer’s out there know

, we live by even bigger cocks. We are those in your face, fuck you, suck my cock, over worked, parking ticket getting, alternated side of the street parking, metro card increasing, Bloomberg price hiking,  million dollar Harlem apartment selling (yes, apartments not brown stones), pothole injuring, Yankee (and Mets) loving, orange flags in Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge waterfall (in NYC?), Hot 97/ La Mega/K Rock listening to breed of people, and all that other shit big cock NYer’s eat up on a daily basis that keeps this city going. 

Even our women have big cocks.  Oh shit, wait, got a little off track there . . . oh yeah the Chevy.  That's what I was talkin' about.  It was some guys creative marketing slogan for his company that "erects" steel beams for buildings. Pretty original, asshole. Fuck you!  I love being a NYer!