By Ray Kartell

"Shit is coming."  This is today's quote along the FDR.  Yes, the fuckin' highway along the East River.  Oh yeah . . . shit IS coming!  Are you ready fuckers?  Where else would you find original art from the pride of Harlem the "Black Cherokee". 

Now I've been driving down the FDR to work for about 10 years now and I could never understand why

 there was so much traffic by the ramp to the Triborough Bridge, until one day I paid attention (fuck you, I'm usually half a sleep on my way to work).

The traffic is so fuckin' slow for 2 reasons.  One, the highway is jacked the fuck up. It's all cracked and crumbled.  Steel plates cover pot holes and other irregularities.  Two, is Otis "fucking" Houston Jr.  The fuckin' FDR lunatic that stands on the side of the road with fucking mannequins and signs and all other kinds of weird shit.

Now I'm not the first to write about him.  There are some people that have written really good things about him and his art.  That's really touching and all, but this motherfucker has increased my daily commute time! And to all those people I say fuck you!  Mr. Houston your art is fuckin' retarded.  Although, that time you were humping the air was pretty fuckin' funny, you fuckin' retard.

If you want to see first hand how crazy his shit is check him out on Spike.  Thats right, the fucker's on Spike.  Hey Spike give him a fuckin' show or something so that I can get to work on time!