Don’t be confused by the name.  This is by no means a Stage Door or Katz style
operation here. This restaurant/bar/lounge is being brought to you by the same guys who opened up Cafeteria in Chelsea, Mark Thomas Amadei and Andrew Glassberg.

The space is done in a warm modern theme with wood plank walls, a glass and stainless steel garage doors opening into the street and graffiti style artwork in the lounge area which opens up in the p.m.

As far as the menu goes?  Put simply it comes down to this: just good, tasty,
simple, wholesome comfort food.  The kind that warms you after coming out
of the rain on a wet winter day.  The kind that fills the pit of your
stomach after pounding down one to many at happy hour .  .  . ok,
think you get the point.  Cheeseburger Spring Rolls, Reuben Fritters,
Halibut Tacos, Matzo Ball Chicken Soup, BBQ Meatloaf, Short Ribs Straganoff
.  .  . enough said?


54 Prince Street
New York, NY  10012
(212) 226-0211