By St. Sweeper

This is by no means an assault on the homeless population here in the city, rather an attempt to maybe do some sort of good.  The man pictured here, lets call him 001, is as real and homeless and grimey as they come.  

The thought behind this is simple, identify someone in need, give a location and maybe if this reaches enough people

 in the neighborhood who may happen to be walking by, that can afford to give a small contribution of money or food than perhaps the efforts can help this fella back on his feet to see some better times.

Who knows it may work.  Probably not, but hey at least an effort was made.  Ultimately he'll make his own mind up on whats priority for him but an extra sandwich or a few bucks couldn't hurt his train of thoughts or outlook on life.

He camps out on 3rd Avenue, usually between 38th and 39th Street. 

If you know of a homeless person in your neighborhood that you want to get some potential contributions for email us with a location and pic and we'll get the word out.